Towing and Road Service

When your car breaks down and you’re stranded and far away from home, Gilarnos will come to your rescue. Our driver’s are experienced, certified and have all the latest equipment to make a stressful situation go as smooth as possible.

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Car Inspection

In the state of Pennsylvania, all vehicles are required to be maintained for safe operation in order to prevent vehicle failure that can cause injuries or death. There are many rules, regulations, and requirements needed for your car to pass inspection. We also do emissions testing in order to cut down on air pollution caused from cars.

Brake Inspection

Having working brakes on your vehicle is essential, and without them, you and your passengers could be in danger. Make an appointment with our auto service if:

  •  Your brakes are spongy or you need to press farther to the floor to begin to brake
  •  Your vehicle pulls to the left or right as you brake
  •  You hear unusual noises or vibrations as you brake

Engine Repair

Your engine is the powerhouse of your car, and when you properly take care of it and engine repairs get done promptly when a problem arises, your engine has a better chance of lasting longer. With something as important as your engine, you want only the best and most qualified people working on it.

State of the art Diagnostic

Gilarnos has a full range of engine Diagnostic and Evaluation services.

Common symptoms and problems:

  • The engine light is on, the car cranks but will not start. We would evaluate the vehicle using both visual and electronic diagnostic tools to complete a test of the vehicles ignition system, fuel system, the system pressure, compression and block tests. Our state of the art diagnostic tools will provide error codes to help pinpoint the problem.
  • The engine light is on but the car is running great. We would suggest bringing your car in right away, underlying problems may not always be apparent, we can interface with you vehicles onboard computer and provide you with a complete list of diagnostic codes.
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Custom Exhaust Fabrication

The exhaust system is an important part of any vehicle. Made of several different components, this system is used to remove harmful fumes as you travel on the road. However, over time, there is always potential for your exhaust system to wear away due to regular wear and tear. Without the proper exhaust repair, it can be dangerous to power your car.

If your exhaust system is not working properly, do not hesitate to turn to us for your exhaust repair or replacement. Our team has the parts you need to make your vehicle functional.

Front End Alignment

Wheel Alignment is done at the time brand-new tires are put in, and could be checked with your routine tire rotation.

What it does: Tires must be aligned correctly to preserve suitable control of your automobile. Wheels that are out of position could cause steering to become difficult and also create unequal ware on the tires. When your tires are properly aligned, your automobile will perform better.

Why service is necessary: Wheel Alignment, as well as tire balancing and turning, could expand the life of your tires and enhance the general safety of your vehicle. A properly aligned automobile can easily enhance performance along with increased fuel economy.

and much more, we would be happy to take care of all your auto repair needs!

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